Packing House:

Address: 440 S. Anaheim Blvd in Anaheim, CA

The Packing House is open DAILY at 9AM for breakfast with Pandor! Most other establishments open for lunch at 11AM or Noon and stop serving food at 8PM Or 9PM. Most bars are open until 10PM or 11PM. For more information on the latest happenings at The Packing House, sign up via “Join Our Community” on our main page:

PH Exterior
parking at anaheim packing house
One of the few remaining packing houses from the agricultural era for which Orange County is named, the Anaheim Citrus Packing House is a landmark in both County and City history. Built in 1919 at the edge of downtown Anaheim and along the Southern Pacific rail line, the Packing House was a hub of commerce for the area. Local farmers arrived to unload trucks of freshly picked citrus to begin the process of washing, grading and eventual packing into wooden crates. Once completed, the crated and labeled citrus would be loaded onto rail cars parked on the side of the building to be shipped nationwide.

The restored Packing House is a food hall reminiscent of the great public markets of South America and Europe. These markets serve as a resource for the neighborhood (daily food production) and a community gathering space (restaurants and entertainment). The two level Packing House features a large central atrium with communal dining surrounded by cafes and kiosks of varying sizes as well as outdoor picnic gardens and a building-length dining porch looking out to the outdoor marketplace, Farmers’ Park.

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