Packard Building home to historic Anaheim Brewery

As early as 1870, the Anaheim Gazette ran ads for the Anaheim Brewery. Bavarian-born, Anaheim resident Friedrich Conrad started his first brewery, the California Brewery. Located at 113 Adele Street between Lemon and Los Angeles (now Anaheim Boulevard) streets, the brewery did well, and on May 24, 1888, he purchased 10 acres on Broadway in West Anaheim. There he built a large brick building and named it the Anaheim Brewery, famous for its “Anaheim Beer.”

Between the west side of the brewery, Conrad established a park, with trees, tables and benches, and a central pavilion. The park was known as Tivoli Gardens, and later Columbia Gardens. The park became a popular gathering place for picnicking, with people bringing their own food or buying sandwiches and beer at the brewery.

In 1904, Friedrich Conrad sold his brewery to St. Louis brewer Anton Hessel and his partner Mr. Bauer, a San Diego brewer. The property changed hands several more times, finally closing at the beginning of Prohibition. Flash forward to present-day Anaheim. Building on its historic past, Anaheim Brewery is poised for a dynamic comeback. With a firm dedication to freshness and quality over quantity, each glass of an Anaheim brew is something to be treasured and enjoyed.

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